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It may be that your boiler has died and you are frantically searching for the best deal to buy a new one or may be that you want to buy one before your boiler fails! You may be also trying to understand what is the most cost effective way to buy a boiler from money you have available or finance, and if the savings from your new boiler would cover such finance.

Well congratulations! At, you have come to the right place!

We have a totally independent approach to helping you to decide on the type of boiler and payment method that is best for you. Many other web sites are owned and sponsored by boiler manufacturers and installers and as such have a vested interest in offering you the boiler they want to sell.

At, we have no such sponsors but instead work with a national network of local, Gas Safe approved boiler installers that offer the best in boiler and heating systems, trade qualifications and all with a high quality of service.

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Securing the best deal

There are two main types of boiler, a standard boiler with a hot water tank and a combi boiler, which comes without a tank. If you intend to swap your existing boiler for the same type of boiler e.g. combi to combi then the quotes are likely to start at £1,200 plus any plumbing. However, if you decide to swap from a standard to a combi boiler there may be pipework changes and of course, the removal of your hot water tank, so such quotes are likely to start at £1,500.

Also, don’t be surprised if you find that swapping a floor standing system for a modern combi mounted on the wall comes in at around £3,000. Each property and installation is different. What’s important is that the deal is very best for you and at we work tirelessly with our engineers to give you the best quotes and deals.

Home survey

Quite often you will be asked if a qualified boiler engineer can come to your home and undertake a survey. You should always ensure that this survey is free of charge – at, all of our quotes are free of charge and all of our surveys are free of charge with no hidden extras.

A survey will enable the boiler engineer to discuss the best options for you and your property. If an old back boiler or floor mounted boiler needs replacing then an alternative location may be discussed, and this may involve dealing with old asbestos flues.

All these factors will be carefully considered by the boiler engineer and at all of our engineers strive to reduce any additional plumbing leading to increased costs and keeping you from securing the very best deal.

One final thing to ensure is that your boiler discussion is always private and confidential with you in your home not in the local café – at, all of our administration staff and engineers keep your details private under the Data Protection Act and we are also registered with the ISO.

Heating Systems

Another factor that can increase costs and stop you from securing the very best deal is replacing or adding radiators and hot water tanks.

At, we recognise that it is not normally necessary to quote for these items and so strive to keep your quote as tight as possible. Our engineers will also advise on heating controls to immediately save you energy and money. In larger properties TRVs (thermostatic values on radiators) should also be considered to provide you with the best overall deal.

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Boiler Finance

Quite often you might start out with the intention to purchase your new boiler from savings in the bank, or under the bed! However, many people may change their mind and opt for boiler finance.

It is important to ensure your monthly payment is affordable with a small or no deposit. The most comprehensive schemes also allow you to overpay and clear the balance at any time with no hidden penalties or limitations!

You may opt to finance your boiler for a number of reasons. Perhaps the main reason for many people is that your new boiler will save you money on gas and other fuel month to month as soon as it is installed. Often you will find that based on your property and boiler size, the cost of the new boiler finance can be paid for out of the savings you will make.

For example, if your new boiler saved you £25 per week in main gas then the option to finance the purchase at this price or less may seem attractive. Particularly if there is a maintenance deal and 10 year plus warranty with the boiler.

At, we work with a number of finance partners to provide you with the greatest number of finance options and rates. One low monthly payment can get you a new boiler, installation and full cover.

Why not discuss boiler finance options with our visiting engineer and book today!