Boiler Replacement Costs

When buying a new boiler or heating system it is very important to make a confident decision. We offer first class customer service with best market prices and payment options.

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Install with interest free 0% APR finance, Buy now and pay nothing for 12 months, or no deposit finance from as little as £15 per month. Whatever your circumstances, the New Boiler Costs team is here to help.

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In need of an A-rated energy efficient boiler or heating system?

It may be that your boiler is on the blink or has completely broken down leaving you more than a bit frustrated. You might be without heating or hot water and may need a new heating system. The thought of boiler replacement cost or even entire heating system can be quite overwhelming and often means many people can pay very little up front.

Whatever your circumstances, we are here to help. We really do our very best to ensure that you get the right new replacement boiler, at the right cost and with a payment method to suit your circumstances.

Our team is friendly and professional. We enable you to go through available new boiler deals with confidence. Our installers offer market leading products and will arrange everything for you and keep you informed of each step. We aim to install as quickly as possible and can make emergency appointments if you are without heating or hot water.

Our Boilers come with 10 to 12 year warranties, a 24/7 Customer Service hot line and every one of them is installed by local and trusted Gas Safe Registered engineers.

Whether it is a branded or budget boiler that you want our energy experts will listen to your needs and make appropriate recommendations to balance what you want and need. Let’s get started!

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Trustworthy and Gas Safe

New Boiler Costs is a national company with an approved network of local installers. We are a trusted UK brand with over 100 years of industry installation experience and over 30,000 happy customers.

All our installation engineers are local, Gas Safe registered and work to rigorous quality standards. Our installers pride themselves on their high levels of workmanship to ensure a first class job is undertaken and you are fully satisfied.

The latest, most reliable technology

We only install A-Rated energy efficient boilers and controls using the latest and most reliable boiler technology. Boilers come with the latest smart controls, LED panels and are ECO friendly low carbon boilers to protect the environment.

The technology is so good that we offer with up to 15 years parts and labour warranties on boiler and heating system installations. We can also provide servicing packages and multi-property discounts for landlords and homeowners.

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Market leading new boiler deals

Many independents are unable to offer finance but at New Boiler Costs all our local installers whatever area you are in are always able to offer market leading finance at the lowest possible rates. Click Here

For example, finance offered may include interest free (totally zero rate 0% APR), buy now but pay later e.g. in 12 months, and low monthly payments from as little as £15 per month with no deposit.

We are normally cheaper too for the same products and services. We actively ensure that our pricing is highly competitive and benefit from economies of scale on purchasing across all our boilers and heating systems.

What if I’m not eligible?

If you cannot afford to buy your boiler or heating system outright and are concerned that you may not be eligible for finance then the easiest thing to do is to click on the ‘Proceed to Quote’ button below and try as you have nothing to lose!

However, if you are unemployed, earn less than £10,000 per annum, have had a CCJ or IVA in the last 5 years or would describe your credit rating as poor then you are probably not likely to secure any finance. If this is the case, click here to see if you would be eligible for a government New Boiler Grant.


How much can I save?

With a new A-rated boiler you can expect to reduce your gas or non-gas bills by around £350 per year just on the fuel alone! This can often be more than your monthly finance payment giving you all the advantages of a new boiler or heating system for less than you are paying now! Let’s get started!

Get a free boiler with an ECO grant

Does my fuel type matter?

Get a free boiler with an ECO grant

Around 80% of UK properties will use Mains Gas as the fuel type of their boiler. The rest of the properties are often described as Off-grid and include Non-Gas boilers that are fuelled by Oil, LPG, Electric, Coal and Wood. Electric also include Electric Storage heaters. You’ll be pleased to know that New Boiler Costs can provide you with a new boiler or heating system regardless of whether it is fuelled from Gas or a Non-Gas fuel.

Boiler specialists

The team at New Boiler Cost includes specialist local advisors that will talk you through every step of the buying and installation process so that you know exactly what happens and when. We want you to be reassured that the price quoted will be exactly what you’ll pay. There are no hidden extras, no add-ons, no ifs and no buts. The quote is what you pay and not a penny more. One of our aims is for all of our customers to be able to afford a new boiler or heating system, and turn your house into a home again.

How “New Boiler Costs” works?

Why replace your old boiler?

Replacing your old boiler is often out of necessity but it is definitely a worthwhile investment in the long term. It’s not just about the price or the cost of the finance, it’s about the money you can save year on year.

According to the Energy Saving Trust heating accounts for around 60% of yearly spending on energy bills, so having an efficient boiler really can save you a large amount each year! Condensing boilers are designed to capture heat which is released during the combustion process through flue systems. These boilers are more efficient as they require less energy to generate the same amount of heat as conventional or system boilers.

The boiler installation can also help to reduce the carbon footprint in your home. Less energy will mean that your bills are much less. This is a great step towards making the world a more sustainable place. With energy bills becoming higher than ever, it is important your home is being heated at the lowest possible cost by your boiler.

If you need to buy a new boiler or complete heating system – let’s get started!

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We believe that every home should have access to reliable, affordable, high quality, eco-friendly heating. Your central heating system should complement your boiler to heat your property and needs, whatever your current heating system. We offer solutions from leading central heating manufacturers in all aspects of the system including the thermostatic controls, radiators and full renewable alternatives.

Repair and Maintenance

Your boiler and central heating system is a key investment at your property and it is important that your boiler and system are maintained and looked after well. Our installers provide everything from one off repairs to full boiler and central heating installations. Our installers provide a range of repair and maintenance services post installation to ensure your system runs smoothly and efficiently.


It is important to keep your property safe with efficient and effective heating so as to reduce the risk of major issues occurring. Following install, our local installers remain on hand to service your boiler or heating system with thorough checks based on years of experience in fault finding. Our installers service all makes and models of boilers, warm air units, gas fires, water heaters, and all other gas and non-gas powered appliances. You really are in good hands when it is time to have your boiler and home heating system serviced.