Combi Boiler Deals 2022

New boiler deals

We only offer A-rated energy efficient condensing boilers that have extremely attractive prices and finance plans. All are designed to recycle heat which is commonly lost with old type boilers through their flue systems.

Our boilers are 91%+ efficient and require significantly less energy to generate the same amount of heat as conventional or system boilers.

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Boiler Brands We Offer

Here at New Boiler Costs we offer a wide range of A-rated boilers and systems from leading manufacturers to suit your needs and pocket. Whether it is a premier branded solution or energy-efficient budget boiler, we have the right products for you – at the right price, with the right financing options, always giving you the choice.

You can review such options as Zanissi boilers, Worcester Bosch or Vaillant - our representative will talk you through various combinations and benefits available. Our focus is to help you select the right boiler.

Gas boiler offers

A new A-Rated Boiler can save on average £30 per month (£360 per year) on gas or other fuels. Savings will vary depending on the size and thermal performance of your home. Please see the table below produced by the Energy Saving Trust as to what savings you may achieve:

Old Boiler Rating Detached house Semi-Detached house Detached bungalow Mid-Terrace house Mid-Floor flat
G £490 £305 £275 £250 £130
F £365 £230 £205 £185 £95
E £310 £190 £170 £155 £75
D £255 £160 £140 £130 £60

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To save even more money with our combi boiler deals 2022, you can have a SMART thermostat fitted that will boost your savings. The SMART thermostat can learn your heating habits and adjust automatically when to heat your home as you require. This reduces heating costs further, and at the same time ensures that you are kept lovely and warm when you want to be.

Interest free Combi boiler deals

By installing a magnetic filter kit on your heating system, you can prolong your heating system life expectancy by around two years as well as saving up to 6% on your energy bills. We may also recommend water treatments and system treatments to remove sludge, neutralise acids and stop corrosion, typically giving 15% more efficiency then a dirty one. Using an inhibitor protects against lime-scale and prolongs the life of your boiler and system. All of there options will be discussed by your boiler advisor.

With Help-to-Buy you will get a new boiler quickly, can pay nothing for a year and then finance at a very low rate paid out of the savings generated. All in all Help-to-Buy gives you peace of mind at a time when you may be without heating and hot water, and in need of helpful options.

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