Energy Efficient Boilers

When your boiler has broken down or it comes to the time to change it for better fuel efficiency and to save money then it is important to make the right choice. Our energy experts are trained to identify the most cost effective, energy efficient boilers or systems for you. We aim to install your new boiler or system as quickly as possible and if you are without heating or hot water or vulnerable then we can make an emergency 24-hour appointment for you to keep you and your home warm.

Branded or Budget – It’s your choice

Here at New Boiler Costs we offer a wide range of A-rated boilers and systems from leading manufacturers to suit your needs and pocket. Whether it is a premier branded solution or energy-efficient budget boiler, we have the right products for you – at the right price, with the right financing options, always giving you the choice.

Installing an A-rated boiler with us is a great investment and can save you around £340 per year on your energy bill. In addition, whatever boiler you have, implementing a new thermostat can save you £70-£150 a year on your fuel bills.

Your boiler thermostat is the brain that controls when your boiler switches on and off, the power used and the heat it generates. We offer a complete range of thermostats from on-the-wall controls that many homes have had traditionally, to self-learning thermostats that learn your living temperature habits and automatically control your entire heating system. For the more technically minded, we also offer smartphone apps that enable you to control your central heating at any time and from anywhere (with a data connection).

By installing a magnetic filter kit on your heating system, you can prolong your heating system life expectancy by around two years as well as saving up to 6% on your energy bills. We may also recommend water treatments and system treatments to remove sludge, neutralise acids and stop corrosion, typically giving 15% more efficiency then a dirty one. Using an inhibitor protects against lime-scale and prolongs the life of your boiler and system.